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October 2019 Newsletter: What you need to know about winning and youth sports

Welcome to all our new and returning Stars! Enjoy the Fall Semester!

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Let kids compete – just teach them how

In our latest ActivStars blog, we look at need for competition in youth sports and why it makes sense. Youth sports competitions and events are a great place for kids to show what they learn, while we reinforce the value of good sportsmanship.

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Youth Sports and Health in the News




Access to youth sports is a national goal

Hold onto your hats, here’s a Washington D.C. news story we can all enjoy. The Department of Health and Human Services has released the National Youth Sports Strategy that includes a road map to make youth sports more accessible for all children. It wants to increase awareness, participation, and safety. We can’t think of anything better for the nation.

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Teamwork: A crucial component in the classroom

For the development of any student, individual attention is very important. It helps them to focus on their strengths and overcome their weak points. But we should also focus on promoting teamwork among students to nurture cooperation and develop a sense of unity among the diverse student groups in the classroom.

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