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After-School Youth Recreation Programs

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ActivStars is the first youth recreation program to partner directly with schools to offer high-quality, affordable after-school youth sports (ages 4 to 17) such as youth soccer, karate and cheer. Give your children what they need most beyond the classroom: youth programs which focus on exercise, fun, friends and a positive team experience so they can thrive everywhere in their life.

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Makayla Hook
Makayla H.
03:27 16 May 24
Coach Caliesta is absolutely amazing. She is patient and kind. I have two girls in cheer, JV and All Stars. Both girls love and adore her. Her routines are unique and so much fun.My JV girl said she feels proud to be on the team and that Caliesta is the best Coach. My All Star girl said Caliesta challenges her to be better and work on her skills and can’t wait for summer session.We are incredibly impressed with Caliesta and the ActivStars program. Can’t wait to see what Coach Caliesta has planned for the upcoming sessions. We love her! ❤️read more
Erika Eggerstedt
Erika E.
01:54 13 May 24
JV season two at Lookout MountainCoach Caliesta is a beacon of inspiration for our cheer team. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have transformed not only my daughter’s skills on the mat but also her outlook on teamwork and perseverance.From the moment Coach steps into the gym, their passion for cheerleading is palpable. They bring an infectious energy that motivates each member of the team to strive for excellence. Whether it's mastering a new stunt or perfecting a routine, Coach is there every step of the way, offering guidance and encouragement.What sets Caliesta apart is her ability to see the potential in every athlete. She understand that success is not just about raw talent but also about attitude.I can’t imagine having to maintain the attention of 30+ 3-7 year old kids every Monday, but somehow, she does it!My only complaint about activestars so far is regarding competitions!! It seems like children are allowed to attend regardless how many practices they miss, they is disheartening to a team that’s worked so hard and practiced together! It affects stunts groups and placement every practice! I wish they upheld a policy, if you miss 3 practices, you don’t get to attend comp!read more
Therese Garrett
Therese G.
21:23 30 Apr 24
Coach Caliesta Goodwin is an amazing Coach with activstars! My daughter Addyson has been with her a few years now at the Lookout Mountain location starting on the All Star team working her way up to Pro/Premier this year! She has built confidence in my daughter and supported her through all her good and bad moments! There is no one better I would want to be a role model to my girl in this cheer life she loves! Thank you Coach Caliesta for all you do and all you are! To many more years with you!read more
Megan Lorts
Megan L.
22:39 11 Jan 24
My daughter has been doing cheer since Spring 2022. We were looking for an organization like All Star cheer but didn’t want to pay the thousands of dollars that comes with those teams. Someone had recommended ActivStars to me. Explained that they go join any team and that they didn’t have to actually go to the school where practices are held. We signed up not knowing much about the program. We paid a little over $100 for 16 weeks. We had to pay for the uniform if she wanted to compete at the end of the season, which she did. We bought the uniform online used from another cheer kid.One thing that threw me off was that the practices are closed. I’d never experience this before so it sucked at first. But by the 3rd practice I was good lol my daughter loved it!!! She had her first stunt clinic. This was about 1/2 way through the season. It was really good and super valuable for me daughter. We’ve had 2 coaches in our time with ActivStars. (We’re about to start our 4th season) the coaches have been the best! They push my daughter just the right amount. They care soooo much! Highly recommend the cheer program. It’s everything we were looking for and it’s way cheaper and everything is in state (except Pro team and up).read more

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Every child deserves the chance to play and learn. At ActivStars, we bring this philosophy to cheerleading, karate, soccer, and more by offering local classes and events designed with today’s youth in mind. Our affordable, no-contract programs allow your child to start building an active, successful future at a fraction of the cost of most other after-school youth programs. We’re opening the doors to everyone and hope you’ll join us in the youth sports we offer in your area.

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