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Nov. 2019 Newsletter: Keeping youth sports affordable and enjoyable

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and have a great time with friends and family!

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Our Latest Blog

Let’s Keep Youth Sports Affordable

In our latest blog, ActivStars discusses the benefits of youth sports for every child and how you can help in our mission to give everyone access to these programs. Every kid deserves a chance to play and grow. Together, we can make that happen.

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Youth Sports and Health in the News

Do Sports Actually Teach Character?

One of our favorite blogs took a deep look at how youth sports build character. A key takeaway is the need to focus on learning first and winning second. It’s got great advice for parents, plus it highlights many of the reasons why we structure every ActivStars program the way we do.

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A Doctor Talks Concussions in Youth Sports

Dr. Mark Herceg, a neuropsychologist at Phelps Hospital, answers some common questions about concussions in youth sports, including why he’s still very comfortable letting his child play sports despite the risk. This is a great resource for any parent, coach, or team and we encourage everyone to take just a few minutes to expand their knowledge.

Read the medical discussion here >>

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