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July 2019 Newsletter: ActivStars wishes you a happy summer!

Have a great summer and be sure to inquire about Fall Semester activities.

Classes starting as low as 
$9 per week!

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Understanding physical literacy and its impact on the happy child

Youth sports programs have a lot of great benefits for your child, and one of them is “physical literacy.” That might sound like a buzzword, but it’s mightily important for helping your child develop confidence on and off the field. Our latest blog dives into what this means and how we (and other youth sports) can help.

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Youth Sports and Health in the News





The Link Between Sports and Academic Performance

While some athletes experience difficulty balancing their athletic and academic commitments, many students will actually improve thanks to the imposed organization and structure that both require. Science backs this up too! We’ve found an interesting look at college athletes and think it’s something worth knowing no matter how young your star is today.

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Fun ways to keep kids’ minds active in summer

Summer vacation shouldn’t be a time for the mind to take leave as kids ‘veg out’ in front of their favorite screens. Thankfully, fun and activity are readily available for everyone. If you’re not joining us this summer (Fall registration opens soon!), then check out this article for 4 great ways to keep your kids engaged all summer long.

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