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Arizona Department of Economic Security highlights ActivStars



The ActivStars Arizona cheerleading programs are great!


The Arizona Department of Economic Security has given their approval to ActivStars Arizona’s cheering programs. Their article talks about one of our committed members’ amazing accomplishments and shows how we try to make our community a welcoming and helpful place for everyone.


Join our cheerleading programs in Arizona!


Cheer lessons are available at ActivStars Arizona for people of all skill levels. Our programs are made to make people feel better about themselves, work better as a team, and get better at sports while also having fun.

To find out more and read the full article from the Arizona Department of Economic Security, go to their website and read more.


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Join ActivStars Arizona and become a part of a cheer group that cares about each other. Sign your child up for our cheer classes and let them experience the fun and friendship of cheering. Follow our blog and social media to find out about the latest AZ sports news and exciting things we’re doing.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our cheerleading classes or to sign up your child for them.

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