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Phoenix Arizona Youth Cheerleading

Phoenix AZ Youth Recreational Cheerleading


Recreational Cheerleading for Children Ages 4 to 18

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Phoenix Arizona Cheerleading is a physical activity that demands stamina, agility, and coordination. It also necessitates quick reactions and the ability to concentrate while completing intricate exercises. Our ActivStars kids cheering programs are meant to challenge participants while also assisting them in developing these critical skills. Cheerleaders will learn to operate as a team on and off the field. They will also gain leadership skills by learning how to motivate and support their coworkers. Our programs promote physical fitness and teach participants the value of having goals and working hard to accomplish them. Enroll your child in one of ActivStars’ engaging and enriching children cheering programs.


The Sport of Cheerleading 

Cheerleading is a fun and challenging sport that teaches participants vital skills such as teamwork, coordination, and discipline. The ActivStars Cheering program aims to educate young athletes on the foundations of cheerleading in a fun and supportive environment. Our current curriculum stresses sportsmanship and collaboration, and our trained coaches will teach your child all they need to know about cheering, from chants and arm signals to jumps and kicks. So, why not try cheerleading? It’s an excellent method to promote good social interaction, improve physical fitness, and boost confidence. So, contact us immediately to sign up for our next cheerleading lesson!


The Benefits of Cheerleading

Cheerleading is one of, if not the most physically demanding sports in the world, as everyone who has tried it knows. Phoenix Arizona Cheerleading requires athleticism, strength, flexibility, coordination, and dedication. In addition, cheer is a social, team-based activity that may help youngsters develop self-confidence and leadership skills and its physical benefits.


Every youngster is entitled to the opportunity to play and learn. ActivStars applies this principle to cheerleading, karate, soccer, and other sports by providing local lessons and activities tailored to today’s youngsters. Our low-cost, no-contract programs enable your kid to begin laying the groundwork for an active, successful future at nearly a fraction of the price of most other after-school children’s activities. We’re welcoming everyone and hope you’ll join us in the kids’ sports we provide in your region.


Athletes like displaying their energy and progress from a young age. ActivStars Youth Cheering is intended to teach students all they need to know about cheerleading and pom dance in a single session. We employ a contemporary curriculum that focuses on teamwork and sportsmanship. With chants, arm gestures, leaps, kicks, and even some acrobatics for more professional cheerleading, it’s the ideal approach to promote fun and collaboration.


We provide the most satisfying way to be a part of a squad, with five levels of cheering based on age and aptitude. Come be a celebrity!


Youth Cheerleading Program in Phoenix Arizona Indoor Cheer Troop

Information and Practice Fees

The ActivStars Youth Cheerleading program in Phoenix is intended to work around your child’s schedule and the demands of everyday life. As a result, many of our rehearsals occur in the evening, with significant tournaments on weekends. We provide programs for children beginning at the age of four and continuing through the conclusion of high school. Practice fees range from $9 to $12, with periods ranging from 45 to 90 minutes.


This gives your child the finest opportunity to learn the fundamentals and more advanced routines while developing long-lasting friendships. Download our booklet to find out more and locate a class near you.


Cheerleading Learning Tracks

Dance Clinic for Teams

We host a unique cheer clinic for JV and Varsity students to learn about the cheer program each Spring and Fall semester. In addition, the clinic will offer package bargains on cheer outfits and equipment. Students like taking this “cheer-specific” specialist subject.


Clinic for Team Stunting

ActivStars provides stunting lessons for advanced cheerleaders throughout the Spring and Fall semesters. Jr. All-Stars, Pro, and Elite team cheerleaders must attend this clinic to be certified for the upcoming season. Stunt advancement is an essential aspect of cheer safety, and this clinic is intended to help us be as safe as possible.


Showdown of the Century

For Spring and Fall cheer sessions, ActivStars cheer students are welcome to join our showcase and present their abilities at the Show-Stopper end-of-semester event. Students will perform their routines with their teams alongside other ActivStars teams, with the opportunity to compete in a State Cheer Competition. For further information, please contact us.


Tryouts for Colored Poms

Teaching students about school tryouts, students with perfect attendance are invited to try out for twenty different pom levels. These are often held before the last class and are intended to offer pupils something to strive towards. For further information, contact your coach.


Cheerleading Program


Key Benefits from Cheerleading

Understand Important Values

Team sports promote social interaction and encourage individuals to think in terms of teams. However, playing a team sport takes perseverance, patience, and practice.

All of this may be translated into valuable life lessons.


Better grades

Physical activity causes short-term relaxation throughout the body, increased creativity, higher mood, more fantastic memory, focus, and even enhanced problem-solving abilities.


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Get More Out of Life

Youth sports teach vital life qualities such as collaboration, cooperation, team spirit, patience, perseverance, commitment, and goal-setting.


Our youth cheering programs in Phoenix Arizona keep kids safe while teaching them leadership, collaboration, and fitness. We have highly qualified instructors who employ cutting-edge cheer and dance practices. If you’re searching for a fun activity for your child, sign them up for one of our ActivStars children’s cheering programs.