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Why Kids Playing Soccer is So Beneficial

Soccer is a universal language, and with kids playing soccer all over the world, the beautiful game not only brings people together but breaks down cultural, religious, and economic barriers. In the article below, ActivStars dives into the top 10 benefits of soccer for kids. From making new friends to lessening screen time, the benefits are endless. At ActivStars, we offer soccer programs your child is sure to love as well as build life skills while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let's take a look at the top 10 ways soccer empowers children all over the world.


Top 9 Benefits of Kids Playing Soccer

1. Make new friends

Making friends is a pertinent part of a child’s social development, and soccer teams provide kids with the opportunity to form new friendships. Soccer teams also provide children a place where they belong and where they can feel comfortable. When kids feel comfortable, they start to build confidence and self-esteem. 

kids playing soccer benefits

2. Kids playing soccer develop life skills

Kids playing soccer develop important life skills such as perseverance, the ability to problem solve, communication, and decision-making. Soccer teaches kids the value of teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition. 

3. Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

Soccer is a fun activity that encourages children to stay active. With all the cardio physical activity that soccer provides, there are many health benefits that come along with playing the sport. Muscular development, coordination, and balance are examples of the physical benefits, and these skills can help kids avoid injuries in the future.

4. Kids playing soccer promotes teamwork

Team sports help kids develop a tolerance and understanding for other kids with different personalities, upbringings, and backgrounds. Understanding other kids’ differences results in the ability to work as a team, striving towards a common goal. Kids playing soccer promotes teamwork and helps children not only get along with others on the team, but outside of the sport as well.

kids playing soccer encourages teamwork

5. Improves test scores

Every parent’s wish is for their child to succeed, especially in their academic performance. According to research, children who spend time being physically active are close to 50% more likely to perform well in school. Physical activity improves brain function because endorphins are stimulated during the exercise, improving their cognitive skills. 

In the article, Exercise, Children, and Academic Performance from ASCM’s Fit Society Page (vol. 16, December 2014), by Dawn Coe, Ph.D, FACSM suggests that habitually active students outperform their less active counterparts. Moreover, studies show that after exercising, the mind is stimulated, resulting in better cognitive ability and a longer concentration span, which explains why students perform better in class.

6. Emotional Stress Reduction

Many often think that children can’t get stressed. They are kids with no worry in the world, right?


Kids, similar to adults, can be emotionally exhausted and burdened by personal situations. And, even though they are small human beings, do not underestimate a child’s ability to feel stress and anxieties just like full-grown human beings. 

Being a part of a soccer team and participating in extracurricular activities allows kids to express and release their anxieties. Through conversations with their teammates to the act of playing soccer itself, the sport reduces stress and promotes positivity. 

7. Lessens Screen Time

Spending too much time on a screen can be detrimental to a child’s physical and mental development. Joining an extracurricular activity, such as soccer, gives your child something to do other than look at a screen. Being outside and exercising not only significantly decreases the amount of time in front of a screen, but the outdoors and physical activity promotes a healthy mental state that keeps your child positive and away from negative influences on the screen. 

8. Time Management Capabilities

If your child can balance soccer, school, homework, and family, it indicates that they are learning to effectively manage one’s time. Kids playing soccer is not only beneficial for the kids but the parents as well. Learning time management skills at a young age keeps the parent from having to constantly remind the child everything they must do. Furthermore, fitting a sport in between home, school, and homework, will show up in their adult lives, making them more responsible and capable.  

9. Increases self-esteem and confidence

When your child has something to look forward to, and when they know they are an important part of a team, their confidence and self-esteem increases. The encouragement and applause they receive when they make a goal or play strategically will also motivate them to put their best foot forward. As a result, if a child can channel this potential through soccer, he or she will be able to become a more secure and confident member of society.

positive benefits of playing soccer

Soccer requires a great deal of self-discipline. Learning self-discipline at a young age can aid in a child’s development all the way through adulthood. Kids playing soccer learn respect, time management skills, the importance of teamwork, resilience and endurance, decision making skills, and the ability to listen and follow instructions. All of these things contribute significantly to their overall outlook on life and help to improve their personality.

Lastly on Kids Playing Soccer

Above all, the sport is enjoyable and can provide opportunities for family bonding, weekend fun, and so much more. It doesn't have to be an organized soccer league as long as the kids can have fun while playing. However, don't leave anything to chance because who knows what might happen? You might be raising the next Alex Morgan! 

Kids playing soccer is so beneficial. Find a soccer program near you today to see for yourself! At ActivStars, we provide high-quality, affordable soccer programs for kids of all ages. We focus on exercise, fun, friends and a positive team experience so they can thrive as their life goes on. 

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