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Help your child stay active and social

without breaking the bank!

Cheerleading Classes in Arizona

Confidence - Teamwork - Self-Esteem - Achievement

Learn Important Values

Team sports support social interaction and encourage individuals to think with a team perspective. Playing a sport as part of a team requires persistence, patience, and practice — all of which can translate into important life lessons.

Improved Grades

Physical exercise leads to short-term relaxation throughout the body, accompanied by enhanced creativity, improved mood, better memory, and concentration, and even maximized problem-solving skills.

Achieve More From Life

95% individuals at the level of executive vice president in 75 Fortune 500 companies played sports during their school years.

How it Works

1. Select a Location

Anderson Cheer
Classes Begin January 18, 2022

Rancho Gabriela Cheer
Classes Begin January 19, 2022

Canyon Ridge Cheer
Classes Begin January 24, 2022

2. Register Your Child


3. Grab Your Gear

4. Learn, Grow, Have Fun!!

Youth Cheerleading Program

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Classes Begin January 18, 2022

Classes Begin January 24, 2022

Classes Begin January 19, 2022